The Team

Cassandra Cavanah is a senior PR executive with more than two decades of PR and marketing expertise. Her career began as a journalist in the tech and business space, which gives her a unique understanding of the media and its needs. Cassandra spent 10 years based in London where she was the Executive Director of Spafinder Wellness Europe, playing a central role in launching this US company in the UK. PR campaigns resulted in significant coverage in all major UK newspapers (including The Times, The Independent, The Telegraph) as well as major UK lifestyle publications.

In addition, Cassandra works within the automotive, technology and spa and wellness tourism industries. She has managed a variety of accounts for both publicly-traded and private companies in a variety of sectors, including technology, social media, spa and wellness, automotive, food and beverage, and her award-winning campaigns have resulted in extensive international newspaper and magazine coverage.

Cassandra is a graduate of UCLA where she received a BA in English Literature.

Cassandra Cavanah – PR and Marketing Associate

Renie Simone – Event Planner and Social Ambassador

Renie Simone is our millenial event planner and social ambassador. She uses her young mindset and years of experience to assist Fizz Communications in our new and ever-growing world of social media. Renie has helped build and grow many companies' social media presence. She also revamped and reconstructed our new website!

As well as being proficient with many social media platforms, Renie has also worked in the film industry. She served as production assistant on the upcoming documentary OutdatedDemocracy and has worked at major studios such as Platinum Studios. Renie is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction and writes many poems and stories in her spare time and hopes to one day publish her work for the world to see.

Renie is a soon-to-be graduate of SJSU where she will recieve a BA in English with concentration in creative writing.